Ship Channel Trading Company is a coffee company start-up focused on trading, roasting, and distributing the best coffee in the global market place.

The business location will store green (un-roasted) coffee, roast coffee for wholesale / retail distribution, and serve a unique coffee experience to consumers within our ~4,000 sq ft warehouse space that will simultaneously serve as a retail site. 

Ship Channel Trading Company’s founder, Levi Craig, has extensive commodities trading experience and previously worked at an investment bank as a commodities trader for +12 years. Additionally, the founder is a CQI Licensed Arabica Q Grader.

Products & Services

Ship Channel Trading Company is attempting to create a unique multifaceted concept that is centered around excellent coffee.

In the retail setting we will sell drip coffee, espresso drinks, and roasted whole bean coffee. Additionally, we will also offer coffee cocktails, wine, and beer. 

Furthermore, the company will operate its own food truck on-site, with limited offerings for breakfast, lunch, and ice cream desserts. 

Lastly, green coffee trading will be an ancillary revenue stream for the business and we will build out direct trade relationships with coffee producers across the globe.  

Working Environment

Ship Channel Trading Company’s work environment is casual and relaxed. We want both our customers and employees to have fun. We value opinions and want to work with people that are interested and love to learn new things.  


Diversity in background, life experiences, and thought will be a hiring focus. 


Beyond barista and bartender training, employees with interest have the opportunity to learn about the multiple facets within the specialty coffee industry. Such areas include coffee varietal biology, processing techniques, countries of origin, Q grading sensory skills, coffee roasting techniques, commodities & currency trading, and industry history.   

Career Track and Advancement

We are a start-up and the opportunities at Ship Channel Trading are endless. We will be trading green coffee, roasting coffee, running a retail coffee concept, and managing our own food truck. As the company grows, there will be opportunity for advancement and full-time employment within operations, finance, and green coffee buying. Individuals with culinary skills and finance skills are equally welcome as the platform for growth and opportunity are vast.

A Day in the Life

Every day will be different. We are going to serve our customers a unique coffee experience. The job is to work well with other team members to create a fun, relaxed, approachable environment where everyone feels welcome. Our purpose is to demystify coffee and educate our customers. We don’t want to make coffee complicated, we want to make it better.  

Social Functions

We are going to have fun and drink a lot of coffee. Coffee cuppings and sensory training will be a constant at the roastery. We plan to buy a lot of green coffee and we’re going to need everyone’s help to make sure it’s great.

Resume Submission

If the description of our start-up business is of interest, we’d love to talk to you. Please submit your resume with included contact information under the subject line “Careers at Ship Channel Trading Co.” to:

We look forward to meeting you!