Coffee Brewing

Chemex Pour Over

Chemex is tried and true throughout the specialty coffee industry. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The design was invented in 1941 and hasn’t change since

B&D Thermal Carafe

Great machine for the price point. Use the programable feature and the aroma of amazing coffee will catapulot you out of bed every morning


This machine is an industrial workhorse. It’s an investment, but you might never have to buy another coffee brewer for the remainder of your years

Hokeki Single-Cup

Awesome single-cup pour over set-up. We prefer the Bee House pour over design vs the V60 because the extraction is great and you don’t have to search the world over for filters


Produces a great cup of coffee in literal seconds. It’s fast, strong, with high quality performance in the brewed cup

Bodum French Press

This French press is a dual threat. It’s constructed of double-wall, stainless steel which keeps the coffee hot and won’t break when you inevitably drop it

Coffee Grinders

Heihox Travel Burr

A travel grinder that gets the job done from anywhere. It has a conical stainless-steel burr, which is infinitely better than ceramic. We literally cannot say enough bad things about ceramic burr grinders

Cuisinart Burr

Great entry level burr grinder. It’s creates a consistent grind and was built to perform well under pressure

Baratza Encore Burr

Rise & Grind! This burr grinder is a solid piece of machinery that will smash whole-bean coffee into 40 different sizes with ruthless efficiency

Coffee Accessories

10x the ease of a blender and creates a tasty whip texture. Perfect for stirring in SCT’s Cut Creamer!

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